X-Band Airbus D&S and UK Government

iSat designs and builds infrastructure for major satellite links for satellite operators, prime contractors and governments. Our recent successful trading has been to integrate high-value equipment supplied by the customer into a major earth station (sizes equal or greater than 3.7mtr). This has created a win-win situation for a commercially competitive solution for the customer while iSat concentrates on delivering high-quality project services. iSat expects this new method of working to become a normal business partnership going forward and is unique amongst our competitors.

  • Supply and fit out original new cabin, with twist-lock and holes for fork lift.
  • Redundant air conditioned cabin sufficient for sun load and wild heat.
  • Two input 3 phase mains input with 50Hz sufficient to withstand variable supply from diesel generators.
  • Earth and lightning protection to 17th edition IET regulations, tripping for safety but not tripping constantly due to varying supply conditions.
  • Cable connection including fibre and coax to modems, amplifiers, antenna control, encryption, routers, amounting multiple racks of equipment and high powered RF amplifiers,
  • Two antennas; initially 3.7 then joined by a 4.9mtr operating at X-band with iSat designed filtering and splitter/combiner and patch panels.
  • Complex filtering of transmit and receive transmission signals to ensure compliance to satellite regulations and good operation in the receive chain.

Over a period of 5 years, iSat delivered 3 inter-dependent equipment cabins for the 2 earth stations.

The acceptance of the hub equipment included the redundant switching of a large number of SCPC channels of varying size from one antenna to the other for periods of maintenance. The RF signal level of such a switch- that must be both ways- was extremely challenging and iSat’s solution enabled  switching between earth stations while re-balancing the power levels to take into account different splitters/combiners, amplifiers, and antenna sizes.

Drawings of all racks, wiring lists, cables and connectors were delivered for the deployed technicians to be self-sufficient in theatre.

iSat also delivered numerous remote site satellite equipment at Forward Operating Bases (FOBs).These units had to be almost more resilient against sand ingress and once configured, the approach was to completely hermetically seal them to protect them from the elements. iSat continued deliveries that amounted to many 10s of sites for UK and NATO networks in theatre.

The experience of managing complex X-band filters  has since been applied to adapting C-COM iNetVu products and solid aluminum reflectors.

iSat provided continued service and support for the UK MoD which ensured reliable connectivity for our army in the most remote areas.