Fixed Ground Station Systems

Over the years we at iSat have provided many remote ground station terminals for satellite applications covering X, C, Ku and Ka bands and ranging in antenna size from small fixed remote systems to large motorised hub antennas with tracking capability.

Our methods and attention to detail ensure that you don’t just get a generic system that we’ve sold a hundred times, you get a system tailored to your exact needs at a competitive price.

Planning and procurement for antenna systems can be quite complicated and technical discussion around requirements can be equally confusing. To lighten the load on our customers we’ve reduced our need for information to just 5 key parameters which will tell us everything we need to know to start specifying and designing your system:

  • Transmission Band
  • Reception Band
  • Minimum required uplink EIRP Figure
  • Minimum required System G/T Figure
  • Maximum feasible antenna size

Fixed Ground Satellite Seychelles
One of our 6.3m installations for Cable and Wireless Seychelles.

External Shelter
External shelter built to protect outdoor equipment from the hot sun and improve the aesthetics of the antenna site.

Once our 5 Key parameters are defined, you can choose from our standard options to round off your system package and/or specify any specialist requirements you have.

Standard Hardware options include:

  • Single Tx chain or redundant
  • Single Rx chain or redundant
  • Cold Spares
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • External lighting
  • Fixed or motorised with tracking
  • Out of band management capability
  • In band management capability
  • Full System Warranty
  • De-icing systems
  • Outdoor Equipment Cabinets
  • Bespoke Brackets and fixings
  • Outdoor Mains distribution panel

Ka Band Satellite System
A 2.4m Ka band system installed for Es’Hailsat in Qatar