Roof mount & Flyaway Antennas

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iSat regularly works with military and news gathering organisations building vehicle mounted and flyaway antenna systems for applications where mobility is absolutely essential. In this area we focus on the weight, size, ease of carriage and ease of setup. This means that when you arrive at a transmission location, you will spend a minimal amount of time preparing the technology, maximising the time you have to do what you do best.

Key Metrics for portable antennas

  • Weight and packed size
  • Number of bags/cases
  • Setup and acquisition time
  • Skill level of operator
  • Public safety
  • Number of components parts

Whether you need a man portable system in a single rucksack, a large portable system in flight cases or even a vehicle mounted and fully automated system, we have the experience to guide you through the process of turning your operational requirements into technical requirements. Then once you know exactly what you need, we can build it for you.


Roof Mount C Band Satellite
2.4m C-band auto acquisition and tracking system for SNG applications in Mauritania

Vehicle Mounted Satellite
Vehicle mount conversion from Ku to X-band for a customer in Canada